Joyce Prescher & Friends - December Residency

The Merri Creek Tavern, 111 High Street, Northcote

Melbourne-based folk singer Joyce Prescher delivers poetic lyrics and haunting melodies in an intimate performance exploring concepts of home, identity, love and death. Join her for her December residency at the Merri Creek Tavern. Each week she will be joined by two beautiful artists. These nights promise to be intimate and breathtaking and are not to be missed.

Thu 6 December || Jason Lowe and Cookie Baker

Jason Lowe * Jason Lowe is a Singer-Songwriter, Performer and Visual Artist, originally hailing from Newcastle, NSW Australia.

Lowe has spent over a decade earning a name for himself among the Singer-Songwriter scene of Australia and Canada, calling the latter home for two years.

In the tradition of the 1970's Singer-Songwriters that he so deeply reveres, he is a troubadour in the truest sense, touring constantly, frequenting the folk clubs, coffee houses, and the growing house concert scene in Australia and Canada.

His performances are intimate, a euphoric experience to be remembered, embodying an emotional, poetic and musical power likening him to such greats as Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young.

His astounding abilities both as a Singer-Songwriter and Performer, as well as his prodigious skills on the lap slide guitar and acoustic guitar are mesmerising and awe inspiring.


Cookie Baker * Cookie Baker is a pint-sized melodic force to be reckoned with. A walking, talking exercise in compact contradiction and adaptation. As gutsy in person as she is empathetic on stage, as careful with her picked guitar as she is unapologetic with her incisive words, as warm in her interactions as she is unafraid of bringing airtime to the hard stuff.

More often than not penning songs of keenly observed lost love and found habits, Cookie speaks honestly of longing, loss, displacement and isolation, and the emotional debris resulting from these experiences.

Deceivingly gentle melodies, cool wordsmithery, and the sparkling grit of her vocals that audiences have come to adore have taken Cookie performing around Australia and brought her to share stages with many esteemed Australian artists, including Augie March, Kate Miller-Heidke, Ben Lee, Angie Hart (Frente!), Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything), Little Birdy, and The Audreys.

Cookie Baker is also a vocalist with festival favourite Sun Records tribute, ‘Sun Rising – The Songs That Made Memphis’, and is the founder and director of Melbourne-based contemporary choir collective, ‘If You See Her, Say Hello’.