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Melbourne-based songwriter Joyce Prescher has released her new single ‘Sleep Now‘ and it’s quite the transportive and immersive listen. A cello casts a haunting pallor across the track, decorated with gentle filaments of acoustic guitar notes, the sound of brushes on a snare and Prescher’s voice – poised and precisely phrased in its melancholic folk form. 

Amid the beautiful drift and somnambulant sway of the music Prescher explores the question ‘How much of yourself should you lose for someone else?

Post To Wire

Folk, with hints of Alt-Country and Americana, Joyce Prescher's debut release 'Home' focuses on the hardship of living abroad. Top Ten!
PBS Radio Melbourne

Joyce Prescher is one of my favourite Melburnian musicians. She just has one of these voices that completely fills the room, unamplified. She's a really beautiful artist.
Gerard Elson - Triple R

Joyce Prescher sings such commanding and powerful words with such a delicate and lilting voice. Her new album 'Home' (which is also out on vinyl) is superbly recorded and produced with an excellent array of soundscapes which wrap around her heartful and poetic songs. 
Don't hesitate grabbing this record. A Melbourne artist with something truly special happening! Khristian Mizzi - Singer/Songwriter

Her reflective lyrics tend to be set in crooked structures full of jazz chords. Her record would sit nicely in any 70’s folk collection.
Mandy Connell - Singer/Songwriter and Producer An Otherwise Quiet Room

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Folk, with hints of alt-country and Americana, Joyce Prescher's debut release 'Home' focuses on the hardship of living abroad. Top Ten!

Studio Equator did an amazing job designing the artwork for the album, posters and the projector image we used at the launch. Check out the project by clicking on the image.

So excited to be featured in Divercity!

The Moreland Sessions, Episode 10: Joyce Prescher at Golden Bowl Books

Beat Magazine: Getting to know Joyce Prescher.

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