1. Sleep Now

From the recording Sleep Now


Sleep now
For the child is gone
And in your dreams fear not
What I’ve done wrong
In the morning I regret
That I heard your song
But my body craved you
When I've slept so long

Sleep now
For your mother's lied
In her dreams she dances
But her feet are tied
And her nights were taken
By the men admired
She once loved the body
She was told to hide

Sleep now
For I know you're worn
Like the clothes in the cupboard
Near the bedroom door
Like the day I slipped
On the bathroom floor
I feel hurt but I'll make sure
I won't hurt you more

Sleep now
For the day will come
Where the
hours aren't numbered
By what I've become
A stranger in my body
And my fingers numb
Oh how I long to be remembered
By at least someone