At the end of the road, all I need is a home. Rest my bag and my bones. No longer alone.”


With every song Joyce Prescher is giving you a little glimpse into her soul. With her poetic storytelling, haunting melodies and a voice that really gets under your skin she has mesmerized audiences in Australia as well as the Netherlands ever since she was a little girl. Her music makes you feel like you know her or want to know her and maybe you are in fact a little like her. These songs are made to listen to whilst wrapped in a warm blanket, in front of a fireplace, with a glass of red in your hand. 

Born in the Netherlands, Joyce never thought she would call Australia home. But she fell in love with a Melburnian during a safari in South Africa and moved to Melbourne in 2008. Little did she know Melbourne was filled with musicians and music lovers just like her. 

She immersed herself in Melbourne’s thriving music scene, attaching herself to countless local projects as well as performing with her own band where she was the key song-writer, lead vocalist and band leader. In 2013 Joyce decided to pursue her music as a solo performer.

On her debut album ‘Home', Joyce Prescher meditates on the hardship of living away from home, identity, love and death. Inspired by the great singer-songwriters of our time, her sound tells of her love of folk music, with hints of alt-country and Americana. 

Joyce is currently working on her second studio album.