Joyce Prescher and Khristian Mizzi

Wesley Anne, 250 High Street , Northcote

On a Thursday in Melbourne, at the beginning of winter, these two enchanting artists will take the stage at the warm and cosy Wesley Anne band room for a night of magic in song. Come and warm your bones by the fire, settle in with some wine and great food and hear some great songs.

With a warm, lilting voice and an art for weaving beauty and truth into the words of each song, Khristian Mizzi reaches the hearts of his audiences. His performances have been described as being 'heart opening' and 'captivating' leaving listeners feeling lighter and more serene than when they came in. Poetic lyrics, meandering melodies and a voice 'like a big warm hug' along with a unique picking style, Khristian really is a complete artist and is becoming renowned for his intimate performances and thoughtful songs.

Joyce Prescher captures her audiences with her poetic lyrics, haunting melodies and a voice that gets under your skin. Her debut album 'Home' was well received and listed in PBS' Top 10 albums of the week. Inspired by the great singer-songwriters of our time, her sound tells of her love of folk music, with hints of alt-country and Americana. Her songs are made to listen to whilst wrapped in a warm blanket, in front of a fireplace, with a glass of red in your hand.